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Lebanon's Sovereignty at Stake: How Will It Respond to the Formation of "Al-Aqsa Flood Vanguard"?

Lebanon, already grappling with severe political and economic crises, now faces a fresh challenge with the "Hamas" movement's announcement of establishing the "Al-Aqsa Flood Vanguard" on its territory. This development has raised serious concerns among the Lebanese, who still bear the scars of Palestinian interventions dating back to 1968—a period that left bloody marks on the state and society. Amidst the current tensions, the pressing question arises: Will history repeat itself, and will Lebanon once again become the arena for conflicts that do not directly pertain to it? Such a scenario would constitute a blatant infringement on Lebanese sovereignty and a violation of the constitution, which mandates that all arms and military organizations must be under the state's command. Lebanon's interim government and constitutional institutions are now called upon to take a firm stance against this declaration that threatens to revive the painful memories of the civil war. Prime Minister Najib Mikati and Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri are urged to exhibit strong and clear leadership, underscoring an unequivocal rejection of any form of illegitimate armed militia. The announcement also poses a direct challenge to Lebanese security forces, the judiciary, and the public prosecutor's office, which must act swiftly to ensure stability and security and to apprehend those involved in this destabilizing attempt. It falls to the Lebanese Army, the guardian of national security, to act quickly and decisively to nip such provocations in the bud that could ignite the fuse of a new crisis. Lebanon, as a member of the Arab League, supports the Palestinian cause and the rights of its people to establish a state and live with dignity in Palestine, but not at the cost of its own stability and the security of its citizens. In this critical juncture in Lebanon's history, there can be no tolerance for actions that jeopardize the nation and impose new burdens on its citizens. The Lebanese state must demonstrate its seriousness and authority and protect the dignity of the Lebanese with all the power vested in it.


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