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Pilgrimage to Lebanon: A Journey Through Convents and Churches

Embark on a spiritual and historical journey with "Pilgrimage to Lebanon," a captivating exploration of the country's sacred sites. This book delves into the rich heritage of Lebanon's convents and churches, tracing their evolution from the dawn of Christianity to the present day.

Featuring over 600 meticulously curated photographs, each accompanied by insightful legends, this volume offers a comprehensive visual guide to these hallowed grounds. The images, carefully selected for their beauty and significance, bring to life the architectural splendor and spiritual resonance of these ancient edifices.

"Pilgrimage to Lebanon" is more than just a book; it's a treasure trove of cultural and religious history, making it an invaluable addition to any library. Its hardcover with a protective jacket ensures that it will be cherished for generations to come.

Whether you're a devout pilgrim, a history enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates the artistry of sacred spaces, this book is a must-have. It also makes a thoughtful and meaningful gift for friends and loved ones who share a passion for Lebanon's spiritual heritage.

Pilgrimage to Lebanon

  • Table of contents:
    · Saint Mema church Ehden
    · Our Lady of Hosn sanctuary Ehden
    · Saint James monastery of the Abyssinians Ehden
    · Saint Moura convent and church Ehden
    · Our Lady of Hara church Ehden
    · Saint Sarkis and Bakhos church Ehden
    · Saint Peter and Paul church Ehden
    · Saint Awtel church Kfarsoughab
    · Saint George church Bane
    · Saint Simon Al Karen convent Aito
    · Saint Romanos church Hadchit
    · Our Lady of the Rock church Hadchit
    · Saint Sarkis and Bakhos church Hadchit
    · Prophet Lichaa convent Bcharre
    · Saint Charbel Makhlouf house Bekaa-Kafra
    · The Diman edifice
    · Saint Leba church Hasroun
    · Saint Joseph Mazraat Al Naher
    · Saint Michael church Serael
    · Saint Anthony Kozhaya monastery and church Kannoubin
    · Our Lady of Hawka monastery Kannoubin
    · Saint Marina sanctuary Kannoubin
    · Our Lady of Kannoubin convent
    · Monastery of the Cross Kannoubin
    · Saint Michael cathedral Tripoli
    · Saint Doumit monastery and church Kobayat
    · Our Lady of Kobayat church
    · Our Lady of Nourieh convent Hamat
    · House of saint Naamatallah Kassab Hardine
    · Saint Edna church Hardine
    · Saint Fawka monastery Hardine
    · Saint Doumit church Toula
    · Saint Joseph Al Dahr monastery Jrabta
    · Saint Koberianos and Justina monastery Kfifane
    · Saint Nohra church Smar Jbeil
    · Saint Charbel cave Al Hsar Mayfook
    · Our Lady of Elige convent Mayfook
    · Our Lady of Mayfook convent
    · Our Lady of Hakel church
    · Saint Osipius Hawchab church Abedat
    · Saint John Marc church Byblos
    · Saint George church Edde
    · Saint Theodore church Behdidat
    · Saint Nohra church Dmalsa
    · Saint Maroun monastery Annaya
    · Saint Anne and Youakim church Annaya
    · Saint Anthony of Padua convent Ghazir
    · Our Lady of the Prairie convent and church Dlebta
    · Bkerki
    · Our Lady of Lebanon sanctuary Harissa
    · Our Lady of Bzoummar convent and church
    · Our Lady of Salvation Al Shourfa monastery Ghosta
    · Saint Paul cathedral Daraoun
    · Our Lady of the Victory Ghosta
    · Our Lady of the Rosary church Ghadir
    · Saint Elie convent and church Zouk Mosbeh
    · Saint Elie Al Ras church Zouk Mosbeh
    · Saint Zakaria church Ajaltoun
    · Saint Doumit convent Faytroun
    · Saint George convent Kleiaat
    · Saint Rafqa’s natal village Hemalaya
    · Saint Michael convent Bnabile
    · Prophet Elija cathedral Khonchara
    · Saint Elie ofJwaya convent
    · The Immaculate conception convent Jwaya
    · The Dormation of Our Lady church Bikfaya
    · Saint George convent and church Behirdok
    · Saint Peter and Paul Kreim Al Tine convent and church Beit Chabab
    · Saint Anthony of Padua convent and church Beit Chabab
    · Our Lady of the Forest church Beit Chabab
    · Our Lady of tamish convent
    · Saint Abda Al Mchammar convent and church Zikrit
    · Saint Elie convent and church Antelias
    · Saint Gregory the Illuminator cathedral Antelias
    · Saint Chaaya convent Broumana
    · Saint Takla church Sed Al Bauchrieh
    · Our Lady of Annunciation Monastery Ain Treiz
    · Saint Sir church Rechmaya
    · Our Lady of Majd Al Meouch church
    · Saint Maroun convent and church Majd Al Meouch
    · Saint George church Majd Al Meouch
    · Saint Nicolas church Ain Zhalta
    · Saint Maroun monastery and church Beit Eddine
    · Our Lady of the Hill church Deir Al Kamar
    · Sanctuary of Our Lady of Maghdouchi
    · Saint Thomas church Tyr
    · Saint Thomas cathedral Tyr
    · Our Lady of the Seas Tyr
    · Our Lady of Zahle and the Bekaa Sanctuary
    · Our Lady of Beshewat church
    · Our Lady of Maounat monastery and church Baalbeck
    · Saint Gregorious and Saint Elie cathedral Beirut
    · Saint Maroun church Beirut
    · Saint George church Beirut
    · Saint Louis church Beirut
    · Our Lady of Annunciation church Beirut
    · Saint Elie cathedral Beirut
    · Saint Joseph convent and church Beirut

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