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In Defense of Christians Accepts the Resignation of Mr. Toufic Baaklini as IDC President

Washington, DC - In Defense of Christians (IDC) has accepted the resignation of Mr. Toufic Baaklini from all responsibilities at IDC.

IDC thanks Mr. Baaklini for his service as president and member of IDC’s board. While Mr. Baaklini is resigning after many years of tireless service, we know he continues to share our concern for Christians and other persecuted communities in the Middle East.

IDC’s team has noted allegations of wrongdoing recently reported in the media in connection with campaign contributions. Any contributions made by, or through, Mr. Baaklini to Members of Congress or candidates were in his personal capacity. We will trust the fact finding process to determine the facts of the situation.

To be clear, IDC has never made any campaign donations.

Mr. Mark Carollo ended his service on IDC’s board in 2017, however, we inadvertently failed to remove his name from our website. We are grateful for his dedicated service as well—in the armed forces, at the Department of Justice, and for victims of persecution.

IDC remains committed to carrying on the organization’s mission to protect and preserve Christians and other vulnerable communities in the Middle East, and we appreciate your prayers and support in that work.



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